• Response to Frivolous Alexandria Democratic Committee Allegations

    Once again, the Alexandria Democratic Committee (“ADC”) and its Vice Chair for Resolutions, Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, continue to try to desperately paint me as a right-wing extremist and wrong for Alexandria. Here is what they allege makes me too extreme for Alexandria: 1) I worked for a policy-oriented immigration advocacy group while representing recent immigrants who were being discriminated against and low wage workers who were shafted by their employers due to their national origin. I challenge the ADC to clarify why that qualifies me as wrong for Alexandria. 2) after law school, I clerked in the House of Representatives for two months and gained valuable experience as a legislative fellow and researched adoption and foster care laws, sat in on finance committee hearings, and responded to constituents’ requests re: music copyrights and federal grant applications.

    If somehow advocating for recent immigrants and low wage workers and researching adoption and foster care laws is wrong, I don’t want to be right. My father is an immigrant, i.e. first generation American for heaven’s sakes! My candidacy remains focused on solving the problems disregarded as unimportant by this Council and complacent ADC.

    12,000 lost units of affordable housing in the past 10 years, a projected deficit of over $120 million by 2020, and hundreds of millions of dollars in mandatory sewer improvements are just a few of the things that happened on this Council’s watch.

    I’m happy to have received many community endorsements including the Alexandria Times endorsement after they thoroughly vetted all the candidates! Join me on November 3rd to end this nonsense and bring about real change to our beloved city. It’s time for new leadership and a new direction! Onward!

  • Alexandria Times: We Endorse Monique Miles

    From the Alexandria Times: “The team we recommend is a blend of old and new. We believe that many in Alexandria are dissatisfied with the status quo, and it therefore would be a mistake to re-elect all incumbents. But we also think our elected leaders have done a lot of things right, and it would be a mistake to throw everyone out and start with an entirely new team. Institutional knowledge matters and many incumbents have real accomplishments to their credit. Diversity also matters, not just of ethnicity and gender but also of thought and political affiliation. Alexandria is not well served by having a council and mayor all of one party.”

    “We also endorse newcomer Monique Miles, an impressive young attorney who runs a law firm specializing in labor and employment issues. She campaigned on a platform of civic engagement and government transparency. Miles is committed to curbing spending by the city. She spoke eloquently at one council debate on the topic of Confederate symbols and street names, saying that as a black American, the issue is personal to her but that the city’s money is better spent elsewhere.”

  • AlexandriaNews: NextGen GOP Endorses Monique Miles For The Alexandria City Council

    “NextGen GOP is proud to officially endorse Monique Miles for the Alexandria City Council. Ms. Miles is a civil rights attorney and entrepreneur with a successful law practice located in the heart of Old Town. She serves her community by advising individuals and small businesses concerning a wide variety of legal issues, including business, labor, and employment matters…” Read More



  • Monique Miles thanks BlakPAC for their support

    On Sunday, September 27, BlakPAC announced their endorsement for Monique Miles for Alexandria City Council. BlakPAC is a national organization that supports black candidates that share the organization’s values.

    “I am grateful for the endorsement of BlakPAC for my campaign for City Council,” said candidate Monique Miles. “As BlakPAC Chairman George Farrell said, this election is about the future of Alexandria and residents deserve better.”

    “The future I see for Alexandria involves improved transportation, stronger schools, public safety services that feel supported by City Hall, and a better economic environment for Alexandria’s small businesses,” Miles continued. “I’m thankful for the support of BlakPAC and residents across the city.”

  • BlakPAC Endorses Monique Miles

    The BlakPAC announced their endorsement of Monique Miles for Alexandria City Council:

    “With a commitment to restore fiscal responsibility and transparency in city government, providing diverse representation and actual debate in our City Council. We are confident that the selection of Monique Miles is the turning point that is needed. The Miles ticket has the ability to make decisions that will help every resident of the Alexandria, from growing private job sector business to personal liberties”, said George Farrell, Chairman of BlakPAC.

    BlakPAC is encouraging every citizen of Alexandria to VOTE on November 3, 2015 for the candidate that can make a difference, Monique Miles.

    “This is about the future of our grandchildren,” stated Farrell. “We can’t afford to depend on the same system that is currently failing us. To put it clearer, BlakPAC has selected someone who understands the needs of our city, someone who is not afraid to listen and respond to the citizens of Alexandria. This is why we with resounding voices do endorse Monique Miles for City Council in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.”

  • Alexandria Times: Monique Miles will bring new perspective to City Council

    By Miranda Bond, Alexandria

    To the editor:
    Often, the influence that millennials like myself have on the economy and America’s workforce is underestimated. Very soon, my peers and I will represent the largest chunk of the workforce. Furthermore, it is projected that 86 million millennials will make up the workplace by 2020 — representing 40 percent of the total working population. Essentially, in a few short years, we will be driving the economy both nationally and here in Alexandria.

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  • On The Issues: Alexandria Means Business

    My experience on the campaign trail continues to shape my perception of Alexandria’s beauty, history, economic vitality, and most importantly, its future. I have spent countless hours meeting with various groups within the city’s diverse community, and it is clear to me our community greatly values Alexandria’s future, especially with reference to its economic future. Our great city leads the state in so many aspects including economic prosperity, but we must continue to grow and protect our economic vitality. Future prosperity depends on a diverse city council with unique perspectives and realistic solutions to the public policy issues impacting Alexandria.

    Alexandria is home to some of the most diverse and profitable businesses in Virginia. Statistics indicate Alexandria’s successes in areas such as a low unemployment rate in comparison to Virginia’s unemployment rate, and our city has some of the best jobs in Northern Virginia. It was recently named the 13th best city in America out of 405 cities for women and minorities to start small businesses, a fact I am particularly proud of.

    However, the City of Alexandria is suffering from a stagnant private sector economy, increases in office vacancy rates, a growing dependency on real estate property taxes to fund City operations, and a debt that continues to escalate at a problematic rate. Alexandria has proven to be an attractive site for federal business; however, in times of economic uncertainty, we cannot rely on the federal government to buoy an economic recovery. The signs of a possible slowdown are beginning to appear; city staff used expectations for stagnant private sector growth in their budget outlook. It is time for Council to act before the fiscal issues overwhelm the City. It is time for a change in how our City Council prepares for the future.

    Our City needs a business plan that can protect Alexandria’s economic prosperity and ensure its future economic vitality. As Alexandria’s newly elected city council member, my three-point plan for small business job creation, economic development, and city investment will produce tangible results and steer Alexandria into a more solvent position.

    In the City of Alexandria’s current capacity, the City heavily depends on two sources of revenue for the majority of its operations- residential and commercial property taxes. To preserve Alexandria’s economic vitality, the City Council must diversity the City’s revenue. Specifically, it would be in the City’s best interest to diversify the General Fund Revenue to collect from other business-related distributions aside from real estate property. As a member of the City Council, I would advocate for pro-business policies that will attract entrepreneurs and small business owners, thus, alleviating the burden placed on residents to fund City operations. I would also work to reduce the heavy reliance on residential and commercial property tax revenue collections, and instead utilize the City’s positive business environment to create additional revenue.

    Moreover, a pro-growth business environment is critical for the City. While Alexandria has some of the most diverse and profitable businesses in Virginia, the City’s business license tax rates can hinder small business economic growth. As a small business owner and citizen committed to improving Alexandria’s economic growth, I believe that policies that hinder such growth must be reevaluated. The City must consider adapting BPOL tax reductions to improve commercial growth and welcome more businesses to Alexandria. The City of Alexandria must remain competitive in order for business owners to want to bring their business here. My business plan proposes to do just that. I am proposing a pilot program that reduces the cost of doing business to one-cent lower than our neighboring counties. After the pilot program concludes, city staff can study how it affected businesses and make recommendations for further action to Council.

    Finally, in the next five years, the City predicts that revenues will increase by approximately 3 percent annually; however, expenditures will increase by approximately 4 percent resulting in $128.5 million cumulative deficit by FY2020. With these numbers, Alexandria will be spending more money than it is taking in. I am worried how that deficit, plus the City’s debt will affect the City and its services if the City Council does not take corrective action soon. As your Councilwoman, I will push for a return to responsible spending – addressed through the City’s budget and Capital Investment Program – to make sure the City is first funding essential city services like our law enforcement, fire houses, and youth, and then investing in future infrastructure projects. Once essential functions that uphold the quality of life Alexandrians expect and deserve is provided for, City Council should turn to members of the community and listen to their suggestions for where and how to best improve the City.

    My business plan offers solutions to address problems that Alexandria’s citizens have grave concerns about. Almost every person I speak with when walking in neighborhoods or at community events brings up their concerns about Alexandria’s fiscal health. My fresh perspective on the City Council, based on my personal business background, will take into consideration our City’s diverse perspectives and policy solutions.

    When I decided to open up my law firm a few years ago, I was investing in my future. I knew that I could provide a quality service that my clients deserve while providing for my future. This business plan is the important first step toward doing the same for our City. Alexandrians deserve a secure financial future; they deserve to be able to start a business and to start a life here without having to worry about the City’s ability to provide public services. They deserve a Council that will ask the right questions, listen to public input, and then solve problems. We all deserve a better Alexandria; this business plan is just the first step toward protecting and expanding the economic prosperity and vitality of our great city.

  • Monique Miles’ Campaign Gives Back at Youth Day Festival

    August 31, 2015 – On Saturday, Monique Miles’ City Council campaign partnered with the Love of Christ Church for its Youth Day Festival. While volunteering at the festival, Miles and her supporters donated backpacks filled with school supplies to the children.

    “We enjoyed participating in the Youth Day Festival and meeting the needs of kids in our community.  They are Alexandria’s future, and by investing in their future, we are investing in the city’s future,” said candidate Monique Miles.

    The Love of Christ Church’s Youth Day Festival included financial and entrepreneurial workshops, community group performances, and a discussion of relevant policy problems. Miles also participated in the event’s entrepreneurial workshop where she shared her experiences as a small business owner and encouraged the children to create their own path toward entrepreneurship.

    “The Love of Christ Church family sends a special thank you to Ms. Miles and her volunteers for their amazing support and generously giving of backpacks and school supplies in support of our Community Back to School Day,” said Dr. Carver E. Poindexter, Bishop of the Love of Christ Church. “We strive to proclaim the Good News of Christ through worship, ministry and most importantly, outreach. Ms. Miles’ support in this outreach effort is greatly appreciated.”

  • Red Brick Town: City Council Candidate Monique Miles Hosting Town Hall in Old Town

    Miles to continue series of town halls to discuss policy initiatives and share her vision for Alexandria with residents

    Monique Miles for City Council will host her second town hall in the heart of Old Town Alexandria at 1:30 PM today (Sunday, August 23, 2015) hosted by Hal Hardaway at Hal’s Garage, located at 311 S. Union Street in Alexandria, Virginia. Miles will discuss her recently released business plan, as well as other policy priorities, and residents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Miles campaign and pressing policy issues.

    Monique Miles announced her candidacy for City Council in April 2015. A civil rights attorney, she is an entrepreneur and social justice advocate. She shares the City’s mission to restore fiscal responsibility and transparency in the city government. She is also a proud resident and small business owner in Old Town.

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  • Alexandria News: Northern Virginia Association Of Realtors Officially Endorses Candidate Monique Miles For Alexandria City Council

    Last week, the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors officially endorsed Monique Miles for Alexandria City Council.

    “My campaign and I are thrilled to have received the NVAR endorsement for City Council,” said candidate Monique Miles. “The realty community makes up an important part of our city and contributes heavily to our local economy. I am grateful for their support and look forward to continuing to engage with them through the election and beyond.”

    NVAR’s Board of Director’s member Brian Block and Joshua Veverka, the Government Affairs Director, attended an event for Miles at Hunting Creek in Old Town to present the endorsement.

    “Monique Miles adds a fresh perspective to the race for Alexandria City Council and the Northern Virginia REALTORS® Political Action Committee trustees are pleased to support her effort,” said Lorraine Arora, 2015 chair of the NV/RPAC trustees and the managing broker of the Weichert, Realtors® Fair Oaks. “Monique impressed us with her energy, passion and knowledge of business issues and those issues affecting home buyers and sellers,” she said.

    “I am hopeful that this endorsement will continue our strong momentum as the fall election season approaches,” said candidate Monique Miles. “I have enjoyed meeting residents thus far and hope that realtors will become even more involved in my campaign.”

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