I am proud of our City and the community that exists amongst neighbors. That is why the problems our City is confronted with concerned me enough to run for City Council. City Council must take bold actions instead of kicking the can down the road; I have proposed solutions to our most pressing policy problems.

Business Plan

My three-point plan to grow small business in Alexandria includes business attraction and growth, creating a friendlier business climate,  and ensuring a stable fiscal future. If elected, my three-point plan will produce tangible results that will steer Alexandria into a more solvent position… Read More

Government Accountability and Transparency

Alexandrians deserve transparent leadership and should feel that they have a positive relationship with their Council members. Alexandrians deserve to be heard, to be informed of why City Council is making a decision, and should be able to have a conversation with city leaders throughout their term, not just when it is election season… Read More

Housing Affordability: Key to Economic Growth

I believe Alexandria is one of the best places in the country to live. It is a unique and charming community where neighbors care about each other and welcome new residents with open arms. Alexandrians should be able to afford to live here….Read More

City Preservation

Alexandria has a rich history and is home to many historic landmarks. This iconic image, along with proximity to DC, has made Alexandria an attraction from tourists near and far. At the center of this important economic activity is the City’s waterfront area. While welcoming economic growth, we must work to preserve the history that makes our City special… Read More