Government Accountability and Transparency

Alexandrians deserve transparent leadership and should feel that they have a positive relationship with their Council members. Alexandrians deserve to be heard, to be informed of why City Council is making a decision, and should be able to have a conversation with city leaders throughout their term, not just when it is election season.

Problem: The current City Council is comprised of six members of the same political party. I fear that it is far too easy for a homogenous group to fall into groupthink and go with the flow on important decisions that need to be thoroughly vetted and debated. For example, the recent approval of the Patrick Henry Recreation Center occurred despite the concern of three council members who thought the approval was happening too quickly and without adequate research by councilmembers. Rushing through decisions that affect the community is unacceptable.

Solution: As a member of City Council, I would use a robust process in my deliberations on developments to ensure that decisions are not being made too quickly and are in the best interest of our City. My campaign has already held numerous town hall events across the City and I hope to continue this trend if elected. City Hall shouldn’t be the only place to talk about important decisions. I’ll have those conversations in our parks, in our schools, in our shops, or wherever a resident has a concern.