Modern Development that Preserves Historic Charm

Alexandria has a rich history and is home to many historic landmarks. This iconic image, along with proximity to DC, has made Alexandria an attraction from tourists near and far. At the center of this important economic activity is the City’s waterfront area.

Problem: Alexandria is taking steps to reinvent the City’s waterfront. A $120 million proposed plan would create a riverfront walk, a new Fitzgerald Square plaza, three hotels, an additional marina, multiple parks and an improved flood prevention system. While new and modern development should increase revenue, many citizens have expressed concerns that some aspects of the design stray too far away from the area’s historic 18th and 19th century architecture.

Solution: It is my view that as a community we should seek to blend modern development into the historic charm that already exists in the city. There have been and will continue to be forums that allow Alexandrians to express their views. If I am elected to council, it will be my mission to make these citizen inputs widely known and promoted. Beyond listening, it is important for City Council to actually hear citizen’s feedback and take action where possible.